Rotary Furnace For Battery Scrap Recycling

Rotary Furnace For Battery Scrap Recycling

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Rotary Furnace For Battery Scrap Recycling, an Engineering device or equipment applied by various Lead Recycling industries.

1. This is a mechanized furnace which works in a batch process.

2. Lead scrap taken out from waste car batteries or any other source is smelted or recycled to remove impurities from it and get its pure form.

3. Heating is done for 3-4 hours with the help of furnace oil or natural gas fired burner with rotation of 1 to 2 RPM.

4. Lead metal in molten state is collected into jumbo ingots. Slag is removed after processing of 3-4 batches.

5. Processing in rotary furnace is done at high temperature and therefore it is operated continuously for long period of time.